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This workshop aims to introduce and familiarise participants with the vocal practice of dhrupad and its methods, which are based on practices derived from yoga and find their source in the Vedic tradition of reciting mantras.

The class will begin with the fundamental practice of ‘akar’ – where the long ‘a’ vowel is used to develop the voice by exploring the variations of voice resonance in the body when using different positions and energy channels. The class also looks at mudras, or hand gestures, which regulate the sound as well as different aspects of pronunciation of the vowels and consonants in dhrupad. A particular emphasis is put on breathing and the silent internal processes that occur when changing the position of resonance. 

This workshop introduces these vocal practices, which are not only fundamental to the practice of dhrupad but also have significance for vocal disciplines generally. Thanks to systematic training, these techniques can be adapted and used in several types of singing. This workshop is open to all people interested in a meditative approach to sound.


Ashish Sankrityayan is of Indian origin and lives in Bhopal, where he has been directing the Dhrupad Kendra since 2011, which is the state academy for dhrupad, all the while pursuing an international career.

He began learning sitar and singing in his childhood. During his tertiary studies, he discovered dhrupad and studied under the tutelage of several masters of the Dagar tradition, in particular Ustad Rahim Fahimuddin Dagar, Ustad Zia Fariduddin Dagar and Ustad Hussain Sayeeduddin Dagar. After twenty years of training and personal research into the pure and subtle style of the Dagar school he became a master of this profound meditative vocal practice himself.

His great interest in, and his studies of, dhrupad’s theory and musicology, as well as his work on the archives of the elder Dagar brothers have lead him to teach in several universities as well as write articles. He has just finished editing a reference work on dhrupad that will be published in 2019, which opens up a deep understand of dhrupad’s tonal system and its foundational concepts.

In parallel to his life as a performer, Ashish Sankrityayan leads workshops where he shares his experience and deep knowledge of dhrupad. He has also just created a university course for dhrupad at his school.


ADEM MARAICHERS - 44, rue des Maraichers - 1205 Genève

Saturday : 10h-16h (1h lunch break)
Sunday :  10h-16h (1h lunch break)

During the confinment period due to coronavirus: 
The Dhrupad course scheduled are canceled and postponed untill fall.  In the meantime, it is possible to take Dhrupad lessons via Skype. For this, please write by email to Ashish Sankrityayan: sankrityayan@gmail.comand to fix the practical details.

The course costs 40 frs per hour, payable by PayPal or bank transfer.


Places limited : max. 8 people
CHF 180.- 
CHF 160.- ADEM members, students



Telephone : 079 319 16 82 or 021 944 45 77 (answering machine)
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