Founded in Geneva in 1983, the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie (ADEM) is a cultural association dedicated to world music and dance. Throughout the year, the Ateliers offers concerts and festivals, lessons and courses, as well as activities for young people. The Ateliers also produces books and CDs and supports migrant musicians who live in the region.

Concerts and Festivals

The Ateliers organises numerous concerts and theme-based festivals every year. The Ateliers is also involved in various events in the region’s cultural life, including the Fête de la Musique. Most of the concerts are often complemented by films, audio-visual documents and conferences.


The Ateliers coordinates more than 50 world music and dance classes. In addition, the association also organises several workshops with guest artists, and notably, since 1995, the Croisée des cultures, a large multicultural event that takes place at the beginning of summer. The Ateliers also offers workshops and activities throughout the year to schools.

Migrant Musicians

The Ateliers supports numerous migrant musicians living in the Geneva region, some of whom are internationally recognised professionals. With their support, the Ateliers contributes to the development and promotion of their careers.


The Ateliers edits the Cahiers d’ethnomusicologie, a scientific journal that is distributed internationally, and Ethnomad, a CD collection dedicated to migrant musicians who sustain their culture of origin in the context of migration. Finally, the Ateliers publishes Ethnosphères, a monthly electronic newsletter on world music and dance events taking place in Swiss Romande.




The Committee

As a non-profit cultural association, the Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie has a committee made up of eight members: Viviana Adaya, Thierry Wuarin, Mauricio Estrada-Muñoz, Laurent Aubert. Thierry Wuarin is the President.


The Office

The office staff is made up of five part-time employees:

Fabrice Contri : Director, programming - Email :
Julio D'Santiago: Pedagogical Activities, younger audience – Email:
Sylvie Pasche: Production and logistics – Email:
Philippe Clerc : Administration -
Juliette Jamey : Communication - 


Other staff members

Laurent Aubert: Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie, direction – Email:
Irene Overney : programmation et coordination du Village des Z'Ethnos 
Fanny Marquet: Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie, diffusion- Email :
Vincent Marchetti: technician of Montbrillant musical centre
Amit Chichonkar: technician of Maraîchers musical centre
Mathilde Berens De Haan : Logistique & Bars événements