Secular and Sacred Songs from the Republic of Georgia

Frank Kane

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The Republic of Georgia has a rich and varied tradition of polyphonic singing that is at least 1000 years old. The folk songs are an oral tradition and include genres such as work songs, wedding songs and healing songs. The sacred songs include chants from the Georgian Orthodox Church as well as songs from the pre-Christian polytheistic religion of Georgia such as hymns to various deities, songs to influence the weather, and songs for mourning.

Workshops and lessons are open to singers of all levels, but will be of particular interest to people with some experience in polyphonic singing. The teaching covers the implicit voice techniques of the Georgian tradition and exercises to increase awareness of body vibration which are compatible with other forms of singing. This approach is especially useful for vocal ensembles that want to improve their cohesion and to enhance their group sound.


Frank Kane discovered Georgian singing in 1982. Through his studies with village singers and ethnomusicologists in Georgia, he has sought to understand the techniques and gestures behind Georgian singing which are not usually verbalized. Studies of the Alexander Technique and other body awareness practices helped him to decode the gestures of Georgian singers and to better understand the role of body vibration in singing. Frank founded and directed the Marani and Irinola vocal ensembles in Paris, France. He now devotes himself to teaching through private lessons, public workshops, and private coaching sessions for vocal ensembles singing a wide variety of repertoires.

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