Luth arabe - ‘Oud

Redouane Haribe

Orient | Instruments & repertories

Without doubt, the oud is the string instrument par excellence of traditional Arab music, both sacred and popular.  It is also present in the diverse musical genres of Turkey, Greece, Caucasia and Central Asia.

An instrument of the desert, a herald of poetry, a symbol of taste and refinement, the oud has long been cast in the secondary role of accompanist and back-up to the singers, reflecting the fate of other instruments in diverse traditions.  It was only between pieces or during the prelude to a piece that the instrument was played solo.  This display of improvisation was the only real test of a musician’s valour. Today, an oud solo is recognised as its own art, which obeys its own rules and structures.  Two different approaches to learning are used: the oral method and scores.It is no problem if you do not have an instrument, as you can borrow one from the teacher.

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