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Pedro Ratto

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Le tango et les différents rythmes de la musique argentine »

Guitar for tango and the different rhythms of Argentine music

Guitar for tango

These different styles of music demand a certain knowledge of technique: playing with a plectrum, finger picking, the different rhythms and structures of each style, harmonies, phrasing, and how to play with other instruments and improvise.

The class looks at the different techniques of the right hand (with pick and just fingers); the rhythm of tango, milonga, criollo waltzes; and the coordination of the two hands in order to follow the tempo of each style (2 x 4, marcato, sincopeel arrastre, le 3-3-2, arpegios, rubato, apoyaturas, etc.)

Argentine folk guitar

We will work on the different styles of Argentine folk music, the "rasguidos", rhythms, melodies, accompaniments and structures of the chacarera, zamba, gato, escondido, chamamé, etc...

Accompanying singers

Being able to transpose key is very important when accompanying singers. We will work on the different techniques for introducing the singer’s voice: how to accompany it, the tempo, listening, and having a feel for how to enhance it. Singers are welcome.

Argentine tango and folk music for singers and soloists 

Learn the "fraseo" (phrasing) of tango, the rhythms of folk, and pronunciation, all the while being accompanied by the guitar. 

Argentine tango and folk music for singers and soloists

Learn the "fraseo" (phrasing) of tango, the rhythms of folk, and pronunciation, all the while being accompanied by the guitar.


Group lessons and private lessons available


Pedro Ratto, guitarist and singer

Born in Buenos Aires, Pedro Ratto has dedicated himself to Argentine music in its various guises. After several years focused on Argentine rock, he immersed himself in the universe of tango and folk in different ensembles as a guitarist, singer and composer. He trained at the Conservatoire Manuel De Falla and at UNA (Université National d’Arts) in Buenos Aires, as well as with teachers such as Juan Lorenzo and Alberto De los Santos.

In Argentina, he performed at, among others, Presos del tango (2008/9), Baruyo de Tango (2010/11), Cortados a cuchillo(2011/12) et Corazones del Plata (2013/15). From 2016, he joined the Cuarteto de los Reyes and performed in Chivilcoy, La Plata, Quilmes, and at well-known festivals such as the Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires. The local scene in the capital of tango, Buenos Aires, gave him experience and the necessary ingredients to understand the specific role of guitar in popular music: accompanying singers, soloists and dancers, and interacting with other guitars in particular.  

Since 2008, he has divided his life between Argentina and Europe, and has participated in several tango and folk music festivals. He has been performing in Switzerland since 2014 with the trio « …Y su Orquesta ». He participates is different festivals in the region and plays at important venues in Swiss Romandie, such as the Théâtre Benno Besson, le Théâtre Interface, le Musée des Sciences, l’Institut Jacques-Dalcroze etc.

At the moment, he is developing a teaching method for Argentine tango and folk guitar at ADEM and gives workshops during tango festivals.


Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie 10, rue de Montbrillant, 1201 Genève

ADEM Maraichers - 44, rue des Maraichers - 1205 Genève


On Tuesday, 17h-20h : Montbrillant - Collective and private lessons

On Thursday, 19h à 22h : Maraîchers - Collective and private lessons

Other times possible on request.


40 CHF / person, during 2 hours (minimum 3 students)
Private lessons on request: 60 CHF private lesson during 1 hour  in Carouge or in the student's home (+ 10 CHF transport)


Email :
T : +41 77 410 62 53

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