The Tammorra and Tamburello - South Italy

Salvatore Meccio et Massimo Laguardia

Europe | Percussion

Like almost all percussion instruments, the tammorra and tamburello are social instruments. Whether in private or group lessons, the aim is to teach students to play these drums in a group situation, in keeping with the way that they are played in Southern Italy.

What better way to begin the practice of these instruments than by making one yourself? Lessons also cover how to make your own instruments. For those who wish to do so, it is also possible to order drums from Italy. Regardless, the first lesson is free and instruments will be available to help you discover the unique universe of Southern Italy’s percussion.

1) Presentation: skin, wood, sounds (and making your own instrument if you wish)

2) Various basic strikes with different parts of the hand (left and right hand)

3) Elementary rhythmic figures

4) Tarantella and tammurriata rhythms (Sicily, Pouilles, Campania and Calabria)

5) Composition with different rhythmic styles and expressive techniques

6) Accompanying traditional songs, with personal improvisation

7) Using these instruments in other music genres



Salvatore Meccio

Salvatore Meccio was born and raised in Sicily, where he was first immersed in the countryside tradition of a small village and then an urbane culture in Palermo. These places were as rich with old traditions as with new cultural fusions, and provided musical and poetic inspiration. It was in this context that he learnt the art of writing songs in dialect and to accompany himself with the guitar, tammorra and the tamburello.

Inspired by the grand Sicilian masters, such as Alfio Antico and Massimo Laguardia, and the Italo-French master Carlo Rizzo, he developed a style of playing the tammorra and tamburello based on the techniques from Sicily, Pouilles, Campania and Calabria.

After having performed worldwide on different stages, in schools and at various festivals, he arrived in Geneva, where he now resides. He is ready to share his musical knowledge with beginners through to advanced students.


Massimo Laguardia

Massimo Laguardia was born in Sicily. Since his youth he has been passionate about popular music. He first studied South American music and then focused on popular music in southern Italy. He has become one of the best exponents of voice, tammorra and other percussion instruments.

After the founding of the group Agricantus in the 80s, he meets Alfio Antico, grand master of Tammorra, who transmits him the passion of this instrument. He develops over the years a personal technique of high virtuosity. In the early 90's, he founded the band Tammorra with Salvatore Meccio and other musicians with whom he undertakes a very intense international concert activity. Since 1999 he has transmitted his knowledge with a very subtle pedagogy linked to a deep charisma for both beginners and professionals throughout Europe.

Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie
10 rue de Montbrillant, 1201 Geneva


Tuesday:  18h-20h (intermediate)
Tuesday : 20h- 22h Groupe lesson

Wednesday:  18h-20h (Beginners)
Wednesday:  20h à 22h (Advanced)

Saturday: 10-12h /once a month - Groupe lesson

Collective lesson : 150 CHF/month (2 lessons per month)

Private lesson : 200 CHF/120 minutes (2 lessons per month)

Salvatore : 
T : 021 824 30 62 (après 19h) / 079 776 61 01
Email :

Massimo :
T : 076 562 52 44

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