Kathak Dance for Families

Meera - Fanny Marquet

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Families / children from 6 years old

Derived from the Sanskrit word kathā, which means "story", the kathak dance is that of the storytellers and passers-by of sacred tales. Centuries before our era, Indians were already recounting episodes from the Hindu holy books through dance. Today, kathak dance tells stories, but not only! It is also a dance of rhythm where you tap your feet and spin!

This course proposes to discover with your family the kathak dance and the culture of North India. Between dances and tales, you will learn to know Ganesh, the elephant-headed god or Krishna, the young cowherd who plays the flute. You will become even more skilful with your hands with games of mudras (codified hand gestures) and learn to count in Hindi! Travel guaranteed!


Meera - Fanny Marquet

Practicing kathak dance since the age of 12, Meera discovered this art with her master (Guru), Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra during more than 20 years of training. At a very young age, she went to India to learn and discover the Indian culture, which is inseparable from the learning of this dance. She fell in love with Benares and kathak and moved there in 2011, sharing the daily life of her master's family and gradually making a place for herself in the professional Indian artistic world. For many years, she followed her mentor on stage, taught in multiple schools and also worked with many local artists. Meera has made this colorful and lively culture her own and has learned from it the keys to understanding it, which she happily passes on in performances, courses and conferences in India and Europe. At the same time, she has been working as an instructor in Geneva's community centers for more than 10 years and has led numerous workshops and courses for children as part of the events organized by her association Nateshwar. Back in Switzerland since 2022, she proposes a playful teaching, inviting to become familiar with the movements and rhythms of kathak while discovering the Hindu mythology and the Hindustani music.

PLACE: Maison de Quartier de Saint Jean, ch. François-Furet 8

TIMETABLE: Monday 17h-17h45

FEES: by the unit 25.- CHF | card of 10 courses 220.- CHF


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