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Related to yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, Kalarippayatt is an energetic martial art based on breathing, relaxation, flexibility, balance, agility and body tone. Of Tantric origin, it unites the fire of the masculine spirit with the fluidity of the feminine energy. It is the basis of Katakhali training and is practiced in South Indian theater schools.
Kalarippayatt includes breathing, warm-up and stretching exercises, as well as a wide variety of postures inspired by animal movements (lion, elephant, boar, cat, snake, peacock...).
The countless combinations of these figures evoke a dance made of a unique blend of grace and power, whose practice provides both energizing and soothing, stimulating and harmonizing effects, both physically and psychologically. Secondary benefits include increased psychic fluidity, stress resistance, self-confidence and focus.
During this day, we will cover breathing, stretching and warm-up exercises in the form of various types of movements and leg throws (kalugal). Then we will discover the animal postures and their conjugations (ashtavadivu).
The workshop is open to all and does not require any particular level. A long journey always starts with a first step! Each person takes a different path, and the teaching takes into account individual differences.

Canadian picnic (rather light) at noon for those who wish to stay and exchange during the break.


Heidi Rasmussen has been practicing Kalari-Ayurvedic massage since 2006. She travels to Kerala every year to enhance her knowledge.

His teaching is particularly oriented towards the aspects of health, well-being and balance of kalarippayatt. She has also been practicing yoga since she was 13 years old. She has always been passionate about India and its treasures of culture, philosophy and medicine.

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