Iranian dance workshops for children

Sepideh Nayemi

Orient | Youth audience

The six workshops spread between September and May invite children to discover the colourful and joyous world of Iranian dance and to progressively develop from there. Led by Sepideh Nayemi, the children will explore different types of movements and rhythms through fun learning exercises and group dance inspired by the various styles of traditional Iranian dance.


Over the course of this rich and original cultural journey, the workshops allow the children to :

  • Become aware of their body and space
  • Improve the physical abilities, their coordination and their musicality
  • Explore and express their creativity and imagination
  • Assert themselves while engaging with the group


Born in Iran where she lived until adolescence, Sepideh was immersed in poetry, music and dance from early an age. But it was not until later on in Switzerland, while she was studying at university, that she discovered her true passion and talent for dance. Following this interest, she explored various dance universes: classical Indian dance (kathak), classical Persian dance, the traditional regional dances of Iran, contemporary and traditional dances of Egypt, the Roma dances of Turkey and the Balkans. Parallel to this, she worked intensively in contemporary dance, which allowed her to expand her base techniques and evolve towards a more personal style.

Enriched with these experiences, she returned to the music and dance of her home country with fresh eyes, and in more detail. Fascinated by Persian classical music, she focused on the rhythms and modes that are used within that tradition. She sought to fill out the gaps in her knowledge through trips to Iran, and by undertaking training with specialists dispersed throughout the world : Hossein Fayazpour, Etienne Frey, Isabel Alama and Ravi S Mishra are among the dancers who have guided her along her ever-evolving path.

As a dancer and choreographer Sepideh has taught Persian and Eastern dance for eight years and performed on various stages and in different artistic productions. With rigorous artistic application Sepideh offers a different look at Persian dance and the dances of the Middle East. Her approach honours their finesse and places them within the context of the other arts of their country of origin, such as poetry and music. While remaining sensitive to the preservation of the roots and authentic spirit of the dance and music of her country, dance remains, above all, a tool for expression that allows the body and soul to escape. In this sense, emotion occupies a central place in all of her creations, and she does not hesitate to cross borders and push limits because dance, after all, is about feeling free.

Today, in addition to her artistic activities and performances, Sepideh is dedicated to university research on the different forms of Iranian dance and music.


Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie
10 rue du Monbrillant -1201 Geneva


Saturdays : 10h30-12h30


28 september / 2 november / 7 december 2019
1st february / 7 march  / 9 may 2020


Package of 6 workshops on Saturdays: 300 CHF (12 hours) - 250 francs for children whose parents are members of ADEM

Discounts: 15% from the second child Registrations and payments are made for all 6 workshops.
In case of absence of a workshop or a course, you will be reimbursed only in case of force majeure (accident).

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