Wednesday 3 April - 20h30


Qawwali conquered the West thanks to the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Established in the thirteenth century by Hazrat Amir Khurau, it is an expression of Pakistani and Indian sufi devotion.

Qawwali evokes emotions through rich melo- dies set to the poems of the great Eastern mystiques, a subtle play of rhythm and the strength of hand-clapping. The musicians of the Shuaib Aftab Qawwal belong to a great line of qawaal and maintain this secular tradition today.


Shuaib Mushtaq : voice, harmonium, direction artistique

Hubaib Mushtaq : second voice

Behlole Mushtaq : tabla-dhaama

Rahim Mushtaq : chœur, claps

Feroz Mushtaq : chœur, claps

Youssuf-Aziz Mushtaq : chœur, claps


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