Su 4 October 2020 | 17:00 | Alhambra, Genève

Le Taraf de Bucarest

Gypsy music

The tarafs, "bands of Gypsy musicians", were able to conquer by their virtuosity and their genius for improvisation a vast fame in Eastern Europe as throughout the world ... The coming to Geneva of Taraf from Bucharest constitutes today more than ever an event. After long months of confinement, these musicians responded favorably to the invitation of the Adem to meet on stage at the Alhambra to share with the public their vitality and their enthusiasm. Gypsy songs, Greek, Turkish, Jewish, Bulgarian, Albanian, vocal and instrumental, ancient and contemporary, popular and urban songs: their unique repertoire synthesizes the multiple musical traditions in fashion since their early youth in the southern cities of the Romania. Now very rare, this suburb music (muzică de mahala) is nowadays particularly appreciated by Bucharesters. A unique form of expression that tells multiple stories, at the crossroads of Europe and the Balkans ...




DUMITRU, Niculae, dit « Ciotoi » : violin, voice. 
PETRACHE, George, dit « Gicu » : guitar, voice.
PETRESCU, Gheorghe, dit « Ghiță » : bass 
IONIȚĂ, Ștefan Ionel, dit « Cinoi » : accordeon, voice
RĂDUCANU, Gheorgheb : cymbalum


Su 4 October 2020 | 17:00


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