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Shômyô - 13 & 14 May 2017


With Junko Ueda

To continue the study of  Shomyo we propose 2 workshops,  for the medium students and  for begginners.

Traditional Arab Dance


With Nadia Makhlouf

During theses workshops, you will be introduced to different forms of dance: classical, popular, sacred etc, as well as to different traditional rhythms and music. Classes are regularly accompanied by musicians.



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1- Women Groove Project - Saraba
2- Gangbe Brass Band - Yoruba
3- Chakam Ensemble - Pishdaramad Homayoun
4- Hossein Alizadeh & Madjid Khaladj - The art of improvisation
5- Bey.Ler.Bey - Bon sauvage
6- Aziza Brahim - Baraka
7- Christine Salem - Walé
8- Nyati - Gairo Gwe
9- Mónika Lakatos & Romengo - Zsáv Mé Tuté
10- Vocal Iroko - Canto a Elegua
11- María de la Paz - Preludio para el año 3001