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The first signs of the taiko date back approximately 2000 years in Japan, where it was most probably introduced from Korea or China. Initially used to reinforce prayers to the gods, the taiko was refined in the Edo Era, some 400 years ago, when it became a military instrument used to motive troops, as well as an instrument played at celebrations and rituals

Yet it was only after World War Two that the taiko became popular. Japan wished to restore the prestige of its cultural past, and accordingly concerts, stages and performances started to spread. Professional groups quickly formed on national and international stages. The famous Taiko Kodo, for example, has only existed for 25 years.

Today in Japan, we can hear taiko at local fairs, professional shows and during certain religious ceremonies.

The drums are made of cow skin and heavy, hard carved wood. They’re played with thick sticks and the impact is impressive. Training on the drums follows, as closely as possible, in the style of my Japanese teacher, Tamada-san: warm-up, strike exercises and then pieces.

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Classes by Sandra Miura

Sandra Miura played taiko for the first time in 2000 during a school exchange in Japan before meeting Rémi Clemente and joining the Wadaiko Geneva group two months after its creation in 2005.

Rémi Clemente began learning the taiko during a stay in Japan with Tamada Sugeo, a drummer living in Kawasaki, a town close to Tokyo. After this Japanese adventure, Rémi returned to Switzerland with a drum. A few months later, a second drum arrived and on it went – today the taiko fever continues and is something he wishes to share. Now Sandra is the leader of the group and the main teacher.

Sandra Miura also had the opportunity to practice taiko in Japan with Master Tamada during two year-long exchanges in Japan. It is therefore in the spirit taught by this one that she takes over the group Wadaiko Geneva. Regular exchanges take place between Switzerland and Japan through Remi, Sandra and Tamada San.

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