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Arab-Andalusian music had its golden age during the period in Spain that was dubbed the ‘Three Cultures’: al Andalus. After the fall of Granada, this music found refuge in the Maghreb where artists would continue to evoke this Andalusia with nostalgia, an Andalusia which had become a lost paradise for them. This music has continued to evolve for centuries thanks to an oral tradition that has not stopped evolving.

Popular music, called chaâbi, was born at the beginning of the twentieth century, from a mix of three sources: Arab-Andalusian melody, melhoun and love poetry, as well as the Berber language.

These courses are open to different instrumentalists: strings (oud, violin, guitar, mandolin, mandola), flute, clarinet, percussion (darbuka, riqq, other eastern percussion), song (open to non-Arabophones)…

Level: intermediate-advanced




Born in Tlemcen in Algeria, Fouad Didi has been singing, and playing the violin and oud since his childhood. He studied the repertoire and associated techniques with the great masters of his time, who encouraged his thirst to learn and shared their knowledge with him. He fell in love with the violin and it became his instrument of choice, though he still loves to play the mandolin and the oud.

He founded the Tarab orchestra, which specialises in the classical repertoire and respects the ancestral oral tradition. After numerous concerts in France and overseas, he was recognised as one of the greatest representatives of Arab-Andalusian music.

He teaches at the Conservatory of Toulon and Aubagnae, as well as the Cité de la musique de Marseille, where he leads courses, master classes and workshops on Arab-Andalusian music.


ADEM Montbrillant - 10, rue de Montbrillant - 1201 Genève


Samedi 15h-19h, dimanche 11h-13h/14h-16h

DATE : 23 et 24 janvier 2021

Un week-end tous les deux mois environ

180.- CHF pour le week-end (160.- CHF membres ADEM) à verser avant le 19.10 à CH840022 8228 5225 4040 W avec mention « stage Fouad Didi ».


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