Re-usable shopping bag:
Stylish, light, sturdy and compact!
Pull it out, use it, fold it back and hook it!

The Model
ADEM bags come in two models: Side bag & / Backpack

A blend of 50% cotton with 50% polyester, making it durable, light, tough and fungus free.

Both models come in 5 colour variations :  Charcoal / SteelBlue-Green / Red / Green-Red / Fuchsia

Side bag — 59 cm X 56 cm
Backpack — 48 cm X 41 cm
Pouch — 16 cm X 12 cm

Side bag = 55 gm
Backpack = 55 gm

Carrying capacity:
Side bag can carry 12 kg
Backpack can carry 7 kg

Price : 8 frs / 8 euros

Where to get them ?  exclusively sold at our events, see our programme 

Manufacturing : Rural Indian women making ADEM bags
ADEM bag production is spread over many villages in India (Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry) where women who need a livelihood option are making these bags. In each village, small production groups have been formed, which are run by the village women themselves.
Learn more about the manufacturing of ADEM bags :


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